Diversity as opportunity

Why you can count on diversity

The world of work in Germany is changing – and your organisation is right in the thick of it. You’re finding it difficult to find suitable applicants? Your staff is getting older? You would like to make use of digitalisation rather than feeling threatened by it? We will show you why you can rely on diversity in these situations and how your organisation profits from it.


Our world of work is changing. First, you can obtain an overview of the contributing factors that are influencing today’s world of work. We are calling them future trends. We will present the most important ones to you here: demographic change, digitalisation and societal transformation.

What does diversity mean in the world of work? What exactly is understood by diversity? Learn more about the dimensions of diversity – diversity operates in six core dimensions. Here’s where you should start to promote diversity in your organisation.

But how do you best approach the topic strategically? To make use of the existing diversity in your organisation, diversity has to be managed in a targeted way. That is achieved with diversity management. This instrument works for every form of organisation, whether you lead a large company or an SME, a public institution, an association, society or foundation, or an employee representation. Here you find out how to implement diversity management and we present specific measures.

You have established diversity management and want to know where you stand? Nowadays, there are instruments you can deploy to measure your success. We present one of them to you here.

And what role do we play? The Charta der Vielfalt supports you every step of the way and links you with partners. Become a signatory and a part of our vibrant network and information hub. You too can fly the flag of diversity!


We show the flag for Diversity, because...