Signing the Diversity Charter now

The Charta der Vielfalt can be signed by companies, associations, societies, foundations, institutions from the public sector or other institutions – not, however, by private individuals. The respective organisation must also have a registered office in Germany. If your company or your organisation has its company domicile in another European country, please contact the diversity charter initiative of the specific country.

The prerequisite for signing is the commitment of your organisation to the 6 steps of the Charta der Vielfalt. This commitment is confirmed by signing the Charta der Vielfalt. Since signing the Charta der Vielfalt is a voluntary commitment, there will be no verification of compliance by the office of the Charta der Vielfalt e. V. It is expected, however, that you will actively participate in the network – for example, by including a best practice example or carrying out an activity in the scope of German Diversity Day.

For signing, a one-time administrative fee of EUR 250 plus VAT will fall due. Non-profit organisations are exempt from this fee.

If your organisation would like to sign the Charta der Vielfalt, please contact us at

We would be pleased to welcome you to the group of signatories.