How can you make concrete use of our network and offers?

Position yourself boldly 

Many companies and institutions promote the exchange about diversity, bringing together people who would like to get involved. At the same time, everyone in the company has the possibility to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner and set good examples with their thoughts and actions. Encourage and support interest groups in initiating and implementing diversity measures. Become an ally.

Create incentives

The Charta der Vielfalt e. V. provides brochures, current materials and downloads in our media library. By displaying a brochure, you can create awareness of the problem, dissipate fears and resistance and show the benefits of diversity. That’s because the stronger diversity and an appreciative awareness are embedded in your own culture, the better your environment can be persuaded.

Celebrate diversity with us on German Diversity Day

There are many possibilities to get involved in the area of diversity and inclusion. The German Diversity Day offers a platform to “fly a flag” for diversity (#FlaggefürVielfalt) with a self-designed action in a team or working area, thus becoming part of a Europe-wide movement.


Diversity is everyone’s business. The DIVERSITY CHALLENGE offers young employees a platform to engage themselves for diversity on the job. The participants also have an opportunity to make contact with employees of other companies, receive new impetus and become part of a great network. 

Attend the DIVERSITY conference

The specialised DIVERSITY conference takes place once a year in the fall; at this point it is the largest conference on diversity in Germany. Specialists from business, society and politics explore current questions about diversity in depth. The DIVERSITY is the only conference in Germany that takes all dimensions of diversity management into account. Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange with other organisations and expand your network.

Exchanging views

Sharing experience, exchanging impetus and making contacts: that’s what mentoring programmes offer. Much can be done by participating in company networks. They’re open for everyone and focus, for instance, on the interests of fathers, women, interculturally employed people, or sexual orientation and identity. Finally, diversity can also be encouraged and involved in the scope of social activities in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility domain.