Small and mid-sized companies (SMEs)

Where you want to be

As a small or mid-sized company, diversity management is one of your most important tools, be it to meet an increased need for skilled labour or to develop new solutions creatively. For customers, too, diversity is becoming increasingly relevant. And ultimately, your recruiting also benefits: you are reaching out to more – and more varied – talented young people. 

Here’s how you go about it

Generally speaking, SMEs approach diversity management pragmatically. What they need is a diversity strategy of their own with measures that fit their business objectives. Diverse teams achieve demonstrably better results. This is particularly the case when developing new business ideas or products. Signing the Charta der Vielfalt is frequently a first step; it gets implementing diversity up and rolling.

Company management: The management delegates responsibilities and ensures resources – these are usually located in the human resources department.

Measures: The measures are aligned to your business objectives. Your focus can be, for instance, on recruiting, on developing a digitalisation strategy or on dealing with an aging workforce.

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