Employee representation

Where you want to be

Only once you set out objectives, can you efficiently plan actions and then evaluate their impact. Your great advantage: as an employee representative organisation you know what moves your employees. Leverage this knowledge and plan your actions so they suit your needs.

In addition, employee representations have already set good examples. Real-life examples show that employee representations can not only initiate or support diversity. They can also practise the appreciation of diversity on their own committees, in that way already providing role models for others. You’ve defined your objective and you’re ready for implementation? Off you go!

Here’s how you go about it

Many employee representative organisations start by setting up a work group for their diversity management. It can plan the actions in a focussed way, and it then implements them. In addition, the work group can send its own representation to diversity committees. That provides important impulses in diversity management and ensures efficient implementation.

Consistent with a comprehensive strategy, it is recommended to coordinate diversity management with other programmes, such as, for instance, health management. At the same time, when carrying out analyses of needs – in the form, for instance, of surveys or feedback from a complaints office – the diversity dimensions and aspects of diversity should be taken into account.

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