Large companies

Where you want to be

With strategic diversity management you create the best possible conditions so that the positive effect of diversity can develop internally and externally.

Personnel & Recruiting: Your company will become more diverse. That makes you fit for the future and ensures that you are sustainably well-positioned.

Competitiveness: The diversity of your workforce leads to you being able to customize how your processes and structures are aligned for diverse markets.

Innovation: You increase product diversity, develop innovative solutions and inspire research and development.

Organisational culture: With your open company culture and your clear image, you are attractive for potential and currently employed qualified workers and managers.

Here’s how you go about it

Large companies frequently set up a dedicated department for diversity and inclusion which works closely with the human resources department or is structurally linked to it.

Diversity management targets employees’ entire “life cycle”: from recruiting to hiring and development to initiating and accompanying changes in personnel. The processes should be regularly reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted to ensure that everyone in the company has equal opportunities.

You promote awareness of diversity and inclusion among your managers with offers like workshops and advanced training courses, strengthening their decision-making competence. In that way you ensure, for instance, that staff decisions are made in an unbiased way, enabling better decisions.

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