How to measure your success

You’ve set yourself goals and have put measures into practice. Now you want to know what your commitment to greater diversity has achieved. For this purpose, it is first important that you seek out an exchange with your employees. How do they assess the success of the measures? What has changed for them? In addition, you can also compare your success with other organisations. 

A free tool is available to you to conduct comparative benchmarking Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks – appropriate for organisations of any size and in any industry. At the moment it can only be used in English. The non-profit organisation Global Diversity & Inclusion Global Diversity & Inclusion developed it. They support organisations in developing diversity strategies and in measuring progress in dealing with diversity and promoting inclusion.

The following model gives you an overview of the starting points of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks:

How the tool helps you:





Status quo






Future / strategy

Globale ISO Guideline on Diversity & Inclusion

The global ISO institution, an institution for the development of international standards, prepares a global ISO guideline on diversity & inclusion. The employers' initiative Charta der Vielfalt e. V. is directly involved as a member of the national DIN committee. The content of the planned ISO guideline is largely based on the content of the GDIB instrument described above. In our newsletter we offer you current updates on this project.