Conference DIVERSITY

The Charta der Vielfalt e. V. has been organising an annual specialised conference on the topic of diversity since 2012. At the largest German-language conference on diversity in business culture, about 500 representatives from business, academia, politics and society come together to get input and practical advice on diversity and to exchange ideas about current trends and challenges.

All dimensions of diversity management are taken into account at the conference: age, gender, sexual orientation and identity, physical and mental ability, ethnic origin and nationality and religion and worldview.

#diversitymatters: For diversity and cohesion - this is the title of the digital edition of the DIVERSITY conference on November 12 and 13, 2020.

Especially in times of change #diversitymatters! The global social and economic model faces immense challenges, from the corona pandemic, climate change, protest movements and trade conflicts. Many employees feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the modern world. However, there are numerous models and experiences in companies and organizations on how very different people can work together constructively, peacefully and profitably. Diversity can be a model for business and society, the beginning of a movement - the annual conference DIVERSITY 2020 shows how it works.

You can find more information on our Conference Website.