“Societal transformation”

A world in motion

People who work in your company do not need to put on an act? You accept all employees just the way they are? Diversity management, when embedded in the company culture, provides the framework in which being different is desired. Not only do organisations that act this way provide an important alternative voice to populist tendencies, they also profit economically.

When diversity is unsettling

The whole world is connected, and the wheels are turning ever more quickly: welcome to our digital, global present. Some hail it as an opportunity, while for others it all goes too quickly. They wish for the familiar rather than the constantly new, simplicity rather than complexity. Diversity unsettles them. It is perceived as a problem, not as an opportunity. Companies can provide a framework for being different, thus differentiating themselves from their competitors.

What does your organisation stand for? What values do you and your employees put into practice? And what do they mean for the environment in which you operate? Diversity management acts from the inside out. An appreciative dealing with individuality is a matter of course for your organisation? Be aware of this “treasure” in your organisation and carry it to the outside world. For those who use your services or who would like to work for you: for all of them, you become tangible through your values, distinguishing yourself from other organisations.

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