Online course

Learning to think critically of racism

Expected to be available from the end of March 2023

As a team leader, you have a role model function towards your team and can significantly shape the culture in dealing with racist structures in your organisation. Most leaders do not want to act in a racist way, but in the current debate they are unsure how to behave in their own work context and how to effectively work against racism.

However, the fear of "doing something wrong" should not stop you from dealing with the issue! Rather, by understanding underlying social structures, listening to those negatively affected and reflecting on your own position, you can learn to deal with the issue in a self-confident and critical way. Use our 45-minute online course "Learning to think critically about racism" and strengthen your scope for action.

By the way, we consider anti-racism competence to be an ever-expandable repertoire that can grow piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, until a big picture emerges. This process is therefore not completed with the course.