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Window to the World: The Power of Diverse Talent in Digitalization

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"Window to the World" highlights the power of global diversity in fueling innovation and resilience. Using our 'BEET' approach, it investigates how diversity mitigates risk and boosts digital success across cultures. Explore Spryker's path to global inclusivity.

Ausgangslage und Ziel des Projektes/der Maßnahme

Highlighting the business value of a diverse workforce in digital projects with global reach is a crucial step into making sure the right priority is given to fostering diversity. By investing in a workforce that reflects the world we serve, we are better positioned to provide our customers with the digital differentiation required for success in the modern global economy.

"Human-centric growth places the experiences, needs, and perspectives of people at the core of an organization's growth strategy. It's about ensuring every policy, process, and action benefits and enriches the people it affects – employees, customers, partners, and broader society. This is intrinsically linked with diversity and inclusion, which broaden the array of experiences, needs, and perspectives considered, thereby amplifying human-centric growth."

Lily Kriegs - Inclusive Culture & Belonging Partner


We set ourselves to be role models for diversity and inclusion in our industry. In order to accomplish this, we wanted to share our learnings and approach with the world, while showcasing the natural diversity of our world society. We understand that diversity is our world's reality, and now more than ever is digitalization a driving force for this interconnectedness of people.

Ergebnisse des Projektes/der Maßnahme

The purpose of this report is to concisely highlight the context and importance of understanding the impact of workforce diversity and local expertise on regional digitalization success. By emphasizing the role of a diverse workforce and localized knowledge in driving sophisticated transactions, we aim to demonstrate how our company's commitment to inclusivity and global reach can empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Lily Kriegs
Inclusive Culture & Belonging Partner
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