Accenture Diversity Day 2021 | #InclusionStartsWithI

At Accenture, we are convinced that inclusion starts with each and every one of us. Therefore, the main focus at this year’s Accenture Diversity Day 2021 is on the “I”.


Let’s grow together and join our Diversity Day at May 21, 2021! Accenture is celebrating the Diversity Day again this year in a virtual interactive space with Accenture and external experts and speakers. Explore with us where we all stand on the topic of diversity and inclusion with very personal stories and insights from our panellists.


We all know that diversity and inclusion makes us strong and is the key to change. With diverse teams and different personalities, ideas, impulses and ways of implementation, we achieve better results, create innovation and growth.


#InclusionStartsWithI – Be part of it and register now!

Termin: 21.05.2021
Ort: , virtuell
Online-Veranstaltung Zeit: 8.30 - 10.00 Uhr

Andrea Bachmann
I&D Marketing

Accenture Diversity Day 2021 | #InclusionStartsWithI

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