[Translate to English:] Verschiedene Menschen halten Buchstaben hoch, die die Wörter "interkulturell kompetent" ergeben.

Examples for Public activities

Social media activity
Communicate your activities related to Diversity Day very easily using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Co.! Take photos of your activity. Form a “V for Vielfalt” (or a “D for Diversity”) and publish the photo online. Use the hashtags #ddt19 and #flaggefürvielfalt #welovediversity to do so. In this way you will automatically become part of the online movement. On our website we provide helpful tips and tricks on this shortly before the day of activities.

Flash mob
A so-called flash mob is a seemingly spontaneous gathering of a crowd where people who do not know each gather at a (public) place to jointly carry out a certain action (a dance choreography, a pillow fight, clapping together, singing, etc.). Participants gather and for instance all pull off a black plastic bag in which they have wrapped themselves beforehand. Underneath they are all wearing the same T-shirt (e.g., in the colours of your organisation) and they hold up cardboard signs with letters or words that together read: “Today is German Diversity Day”.

Information platform for persons with disabilities
Initiate an Internet page on which you compile information for persons with disabilities. Show the set-up of your organisation for persons affected and where your institution is barrier-free or there is a need for further improvement. Let your employees help shape the platform and expand it to include information that affects your community, city or region. For instance, your colleagues can draw barrier-free spots on a map – from the café that can be reached without stairs to the wheelchair-accessible toilet or a public authority with braille signage. Start the platform on German Diversity Day and invite the general public to participate in adding to it in the future.

Application tips for people with a migration background
Hold an information event for people with a migration background, for instance on the topic of “jobs”. Information can be prepared such as application tips, assistance in looking for jobs, and even including information on the recognition of foreign qualifications. The target group can be broad. Your event can be addressed to both school graduates and trained specialist staff from outside Germany. Perhaps in this unconventional way you will find just the right talent for your organisation.

Diversity branding
Fly the flag for diversity by branding a flag with the logo of German Diversity Day and hanging it at your company site. Or brand transportation such as shuttle busses, company cars, city or intercity busses and trains. You can also brand the homepage of your Intranet with the logo, creating awareness of German Diversity Day in this way.

Diversity picnic
Invite to a joint picnic. Provide tables and chairs or request the participants to bring picnic utensils themselves. Food and drinks from the cultures of origin of the participants can be offered on site or brought along by everyone. Provide the joint meal under a culinary theme or define a thematic framework.

Street festival
Invite people to celebrate together. You could, for instance, set up small stalls to form a market. A range of food can be offered at the stalls, information can be provided on diversity topics, or people can be invited to join in certain activities.

With sports for diversity
Organise a sports event in which both employees and customers, acquaintances and their families can take part. The event can be held using a certain slogan or message, like for instance “For unbiased interaction”. Inform interested parties on the margins of the event about the topic of diversity management and actions that your organisation is conducting in this framework. Photos and reports about the sports event can be used afterwards to inform about the topic of diversity and diversity management.

Open day
Host an open house day with the focus on diversity at which you show the significance that diversity and diversity management have in your company to interested parties using various tools (information stands, films, talks, buffet offerings…), offers and programme points. Define the objectives and the target groups for this open house day: business partners, neighbours, representatives of your city / community, public figures.

Be someone else for a day
Enable interested parties to “put on someone else’s shoes” for a day, for example a refugee. Through the new role, participants experience a change of perspective and will then perceive their surroundings completely differently. Prejudices and challenges suddenly become conscious.

Video clip / film
In your company, shoot your own personal image film for German Diversity Day. Ask your employees and customers where diversity is evident in your organisation, or how important diversity is for decisions for your company or your organisation. You can then embed the completed film on your company website or upload it, for instance, to YouTube, linking it with your organisation.

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