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LiTE-HAUS Celebrates Diversity Online

LiTE-HAUS Galerie celebrates diversity every day. This year we look back at the artists from all over the world who have exhibited their creations with us. We prepared some videos of their work and interviews on our website. We also re-visit THE I LOVE YOU PROJECT which is a global social art project by our owner - artist Debbie Davies - which connects cultures, and has been conducted in Germany, Spain, and Ukraine. We will introduce our latest project "Neukoelln Stories" which connects artists with local shopkeepers. Also, we will ask public participation online to create paper flowers - part of an ongoing project regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the global flower market. So we have many things happening online during Diversity Day! Although the galerie is not open we have found a way to keep our mission alive, enjoying the color of Berlin.

Termin: 05/26/2020
Ort: Mareschstr. 4, 12055 Berlin

Debbie Davies

LiTE-HAUS Celebrates Diversity Online


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