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Diversity Month

Celebrating Diversity Month as ONE Evotec


At Evotec, diversity, equity and inclusion are a high priority topic and are part of our corporate goals.


We are engaging in the European Diversity Month this year with weekly activities for awareness, education and discussion for employees at all our sites. The resources we are sharing throughout the month are in line with the seven dimensions of Charta der Vielfalt, featured in various articles and blogs at our intranet sites.


We have a month-long activity for employees to answer the question “what does diversity mean to you?” and display it on German Diversity Day.


During the month, we encourage employees to include pronouns in their current and future e-mail signature and to check our internal ESG-Diversity Calendar constantly.


Almost needless to say that we fly the diversity flag throughout the entire year...

Termin: Mai 2022
Ort: Essener Bogen 7, 22419 Hamburg

Volker Braun
SVP Global Head of Investor Relations & ESG

Diversity Month

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