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Gender bias in academia

Recent studies have shown that women are underrepresented as authors (Leuschner 2015). Is this due to a synergy of biases and stereotype threats? The event aims at addressing the problem of gender bias in general and in the academic world in particular. We will discuss possible ways of tackling this problem, such as raising the awareness of its occurrences and preventing its negative impact. We also aim to highlight similarities and differences in manifestations of gender bias in different academic disciplines. Moreover, the meeting provides an opportunity for exchanging experiences on gender bias in academic philosophy and in research institutions in general.

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References: Leuschner, A. (2015). Social exclusion in academia through biases in methodological quality evaluation: On the situation of women in science and philosophy. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 54, 56-63.

Termin: 07.06.2016
Ort: Universitätsstraße 150 , 44801 Bochum
Zeit: 17:00 Uhr

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