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„Complex problems are not solved smoothly by the alike people. Only thanks to the diversity and fostering each other‘s and designing together optimal solutions.“


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Launch of DE&I-Roadmap

In Summer 2022, Clariant launched its DE&I roadmap. It is an essential part of Clariant’s new purpose-led strategy, aimed at building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future by focusing on gender equality, an inclusive culture and cultural identity. For each of these areas, Clariant has set ambitious targets for 2030 that are accompanied by a variety of concrete actions.  In terms of gender equality, Clariant strives to provide equal opportunities for all genders with a special focus on strengthening the gender balance at the management level by doubling the current female representation to at least 30% by 2030. When it comes to cultural identity, Clariant wants to provide equal access to career development for all ethnicities and ensure that the business footprint is reflected in the company’s leadership. To reflect Clariant’s global setup, the organization strives to increase the share of leaders with national origin outside of Europe from currently 32% to more than 40% by 2030.  The transformation of Clariant's structure and culture will help the Company to bring its core businesses to their full potential and fully leverage its purpose: Greater chemistry – between people and planet.


Unterzeichner_in seit:11/2022
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