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For key communicators

Diversity management picks up on and reinforces what already exists in terms of diversity in organisations. For many companies, administrations and authorities, this means the opportunity to make better use of what already exists. But to recognise this potential, in many cases you need know-how and guidance. You receive impetus and support both from among your own employees and outside of the organisation: here, associations, societies and foundations can give valuable input as key communicators.

The simple idea of benefiting even more strongly from one’s own diversity can be furthered within organisations in several ways. One can begin using simple methods, such as displaying brochures at an event. Once interest has been awakened, it can be deepened by, for instance, a talk or a small workshop. The objective is to convey the idea of diversity and to initiate implementation of appropriate actions. An official access to the topic could be signing the Charta der Vielfalt at an event.

Just as key communicators support their members or interest groups when initiating and implementing diversity measures, you can profit from them yourself. That’s because the more strongly diversity and appreciative awareness are embedded in your own culture, the better partners can be convinced of it.

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