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For employees

Diversity management is a comprehensive strategy that aims to further develop the entire company culture. Where to start this development varies depending on the object and scope of the measures. Managers and employees play a vital role. They live and experience the company culture in day-to-day work life and can kick off, put into practice and establish a development.  

What can employees do to become actively involved around the topics of diversity and inclusion? To do so, you don’t necessarily need elaborate programmes. Everyone in the company has the opportunity to conduct him- or herself in an exemplary manner and to lead by example in thought and actions. This role is not always easy for an individual person, requiring courage and self-confidence. Companies and institutions thus often offer support with specific measures and activities. Or they promote networking among those in the company who wish to get involved.

There are many possibilities to get involved in the area of diversity and inclusion as individuals: for instance, an action for German Diversity Day can be encouraged in employees’ teams or working areas. Employees can, for instance, take part in mentoring or offer to act as mentors. Much can be accomplished by collaborating in company networks. These are open for everyone and deal address, for instance, the interests of fathers, women, intercultural employees or give visibility to the topic of sexual orientation and identity within the company. Finally, diversity can also be promoted and introduced in the scope of social activities in the area of corporate social responsibility. Or the company or institution can be encouraged to sign the Charta der Vielfalt.