[Translate to English:] Eine Gruppe Menschen lässt Luftballons steigen.

Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs can profit from an open and appreciative company culture in two ways: on the one hand, diversity management is an effective instrument to address challenges such as demographic change or the increased need for skilled labour. On the other, the diversity of the personnel helps you in day-to-day business to bring together talents in various life phases and with different biographies in your workforce. Such an edge in experience and knowledge can be used, for instance, to offer products on international markets in a more targeted way and to address different customer groups more effectively.

For small and mid-sized companies, implementing diversity management takes place differently than for instance at large companies. Here, individual measures geared to a specific need are often taken to recognise and promote diversity in the company. In so doing, outstanding innovative solutions sometimes develop that are tailored for the specific company. Many companies don’t know, however, how and where to start their efforts.

Even individual measures can bring about comprehensive improvements: diversity management offers approaches and instruments to change the company culture and one’s own market presence in such a way that diverse talents are appealed to. It helps to define values that apply for all managers and employees. Finally, diversity management can also be deployed to analyse the personnel structure, plan requirements long-term and enter into the competition for the most capable minds in a timely manner, holding one’s own there.