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Large Companies

A number of large companies deploy diversity management as a strategic management instrument. They use it, among other things, to expand into new markets and to better reach international customers. It helps them to establish an open company culture that is attractive for potential and currently employed qualified workers and managers. And not only for them: investors often require that companies be active in the area of diversity management.

Introducing and implementing diversity management usually takes place with dedicated departments that deal with the content of the topic and support orientation and implementation in the company. They often work together closely with the HR department or are structurally integrated into it. Their work extends much further, however, as diversity management targets employees’ entire life cycle: it begins with recruiting, continues with hiring and development, and is ultimately also used to initiate and accompany a change in personnel. Thus, for instance, HR processes are adjusted and regularly reviewed to ensure openness and equal opportunity for talents and competences.

The ideas, perspectives and life courses arising through diversity can be used in all areas of the company, for instance to increase product diversity, to find innovative possible solutions, or to inspire the areas of research and development. Diversity should automatically be thought about for any decision in the company.


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