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Associations, societies, foundations

Diversity management can be deployed in a wide range of ways: not only does it offer commercial enterprises or administrations and authorities a contemporary approach to dealing strategically with societal, cultural and staff diversity. Diversity management can also support the successful work of associations, societies and foundations.

Regardless of the area of society in which associations, societies and foundations are involved, diversity management offers them numerous points of contact. As an employer they profit from the diversity of their workforce, combining experiences, competences and talents from completely different life phases and biographies in day-to-day work.

Diversity increases the effectiveness of work and dedicated service. When an organisation succeeds in representing societal diversity in their workforce, it improves their chances to fulfil their purpose and achieve their objectives. The differing concerns and needs can be better recognised and handled by people with similar experiences and backgrounds in order to develop suitable offers.

Associations, societies and foundations are also in demand in their role as mediators and they have a function as opinion leaders: they can fill their members with enthusiasm for diversity and give them an understanding of the benefits and possibilities of successful implementation.