[Translate to English:] Gelbe und Rote Kugeln in einem Glasbehälter mit der Aufschrift Religion und Weltanschauung.

Religion and worldview

Respect towards one’s religion or worldview is important so that employees feel at ease and are motivated. More and more organisations have recognised this. Accordingly, this dimension has for several years been given a greater emphasis. That’s because a great number of religious practices and beliefs co-exist in companies and organisations. Besides the Lutheran and Roman Catholic state churches, Jewish and Muslim communities, free churches, Buddhists, Hindus and also Yazidis are becoming increasingly visible in the german society.

Companies are increasingly endeavouring to deal respectfully and appreciatively as regards religious affiliation and worldview. Typical examples are taking the religious holidays of various religions into account, setting up a “room of silence”, and cafeteria menus in accordance with religious practices.


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