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The Diversity Dimensions

When companies decide to comprehensively cultivate and strengthen their diversity, they need a basis on which to establish their diversity management. A four-stage model helps us define the differences and similarities among the people in an organisation. With it, various factors – or in other words: dimensions – are rendered tangible.

At the centre of the model is the personality around which almost invariable dimensions are arranged that comprise “inner dimensions”. Other dimensions such as external or organisational dimensions can make the difference in companies and organisations, and are taken into account in diversity management. The further a dimension is from the core of the model, the more flexible and changeable it is.

Even though the model arranges individual dimensions differently, one is no less important than another. There are no clear priorities: that’s the maxim of the Charta der Vielfalt. The model stands for a holistic approach and an appreciative organisational culture open to all people.

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Figure loosely based on Gardenswartz und Rowe: “4 Layers of Diversity”