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Examples for in-house activities

Diversity Menu
Offer a “Diversity Menu” in your company cafeteria with different dishes every day, or start a co-operation with a university or other public cafeteria. The meals are offered for one week starting on German Diversity Day. At this juncture, we point out that Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, begins on 27 May. You may also have your activity take place in the week before it. Ideally, the dishes will come from the countries of origin of your workforce. You can decorate the eating area with posters or banners that contain facts on diversity in the specific organisation and/or in the city, region or federal state. In this way guests get fresh impetus on the topic.

Information campaign on the topic of diversity
Offer your employees a general introduction to the topic of diversity and provide relevant information. Take notice of different questions, e.g.: What does diversity mean for our organisation? What does diversity mean for each of us? What benefits does active diversity management offer?

Articles in employee newsletters and on the Intranet
Publish editorial content on the topic of diversity/diversity management in employee newsletters or on the Intranet. Inform your employees about the newest diversity measures in your company. What is planned? When and how were the actions implemented? What are the reactions? Perhaps you’d like to combine the intranet website with a blog of your own on the topic of diversity (Blog see below). In addition, brand your publications or your intranet with the logo of the German Diversity Day.

Diversity month
Initiate an entire “diversity” theme month. Inform and discuss the benefits of diversity management. Invite, for instance, external experts and have various contacts of the organisation have their say in interviews or personal experience reports. You can use your intranet as a dialogue platform or, very straightforward, simply use stand-up displays in offices. The month could end on Diversity Day and culminate for example in a podium discussion. Alternatively, you can also organise a theme week in which you hold events and workshops relating to the topic of diversity.


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