Social Media Campaign #GDD21

Together we are diversity

The past year has shown us that diversity brings people together and that even in exceptional situations such as the current pandemic, it offers important solutions for the world of work, but also for society as a whole. It is still important to recognize and live diversity, because only then can we master new challenges. And even if we ourselves, as individuals, do not identify with all dimensions of diversity, we can still stand up for a diverse work environment, because allyship is one of the most important building blocks for cohesion in our society and thus for cohesion in our working world. Work together with us and fly the #flagfordiversity on the 9th German Diversity Day with our social media campaign.

18 May 2021, all day

The message:
Under the motto diversity and solidarity, we call for participation in our social media campaign. We show solidarity with different people and groups in our society and thus sharpen our awareness of our own privileges.

The campaign:
Write on your right hand the dimensions that you personally identify with. Write on your left hand what dimensions you want to stand up for and take a photo or video of yourself and your colleagues. You are welcome to use two sheets of paper instead, we provide you with ready-made printing templates on this page. Post your campaign on your social media channels and show that we all have one thing in common: diversity.


Learn more about our social media action with our how-to video

DATE: 18 May 2021, all day

FORMAT: Photo or video by using our templates

HASHTAGS: #GDD21 #unitedindiversity #flagfordiversity

Print template

For our social media campaign, we have created a template that you can print out yourself. Use it to show that you too are committed to diversity.

Social media handout

In our handout you will find all information concerning our social media action condensed in one document.