Social media campaign for the 10th German Diversity Day


We are celebrating the diversity of our working world and our society for the 10th time. The road to a society that supports diversity in all aspects is still a long way. At the same time, anniversaries are a good reason to look at the fact that we have already successfully mastered parts of the path. We want to celebrate and honour these moments of the last 10 years with our social media campaign.

Celebrate diversity with us and remember your favourite diversity moment of the last 10 years. This can be an individual moment for your organisation or a moving moment for society.

Here you can find some examples of photos and videos:

v.l.n.r. 1) Photo by Chris Henry on Unsplash 2) Photo by Pixabay 3) Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash 4) Photo by Katie Rainbow on Unsplash 5) Photo by Tristan B. on Unsplash