Doing Diversity

Our online learning session about diversity in the world of work

Which aspects are important in the context of diversity? What does diversity have to do with the world of work? And how can diversity be lived in your company or institution? You will find answers to these questions in our online learning session. In four consecutive chapters, it offers you an introduction to the topic of diversity management and diversity in the workplace - with a colourful mix of video, audio, image and text content.

The course is aimed primarily at people who want to learn more about the added value of diversity in the world of work and who would like to refresh their knowledge in this area. After you have completed the learning session, you will be able to contextualize diversity management and its benefits for companies and institutions. In addition, practice-oriented tasks in each chapter encourage discussion and reflection within the team: How developed is diversity management in your organization and what potential do you see for the future?

How can you participate in our action recommendation Doing Diversity?


Introduction: How to use the platform

What is diversity?

What does diversity have to do with the world of work?

How can I bring diversity into my company or institution?


  1. Think about which of your employees might be interested in participating. “Doing Diversity: Online Learning Sessions” is best carried out in a team of ten to 15 people. You need about one to one and a half hours for this.
  2. Invite the participants to a video conference.

  3. Log in using the link provided by the team of the German Diversity Day / Charta der Vielfalt e. V. in order to enter the online academy. By sharing your screen, you can now go through the content of the learning session with your team. Our tip: The content of the platform includes video, audio, image and text files. In order for all team members to be able to follow the course at the same time, you can designate one or more people to take turns reading the text elements.

  4. The participants can carry out the tasks contained in each chapter individually. However, we recommend that you do it as a team. Exchange ideas and develop new strategies for your organization together.

  5. Feel free to repeat lessons in order to keep them memorized. The individual chapters and sub-chapters of “Doing Diversity: Online Learning Session” can be individually selected and skipped for this purpose.