Diversity: the online game

More than 14,000 employees and interested people have so far played Diversity: the online game,  testing their own knowledge on diversity topics. Would you like to play the game with your staff? We’d be happy to send you your personal link. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. Click on this link . The English-language version of the online game will open automatically in a new browser window. You do not need any app and do not need to leave any contact details for the game.

Click here for the german version

2. Choose your player name and enter it into the “Nickname” field.

3. The game will begin.

4. If you don’t want to hear game music, adjust the volume using your device’s settings.

5. Analyse the game with your team. We have prepared a number of questions for you for analysis, please find the questions bellow our suggestion.

Our suggestion

Play “Diversity: the online game” together with your staff. Define a time period within which all employees play the game. After that, you can, for instance, exchange ideas about what new things they have learned and what aspects would be interesting to expand on. As an additional incentive, you can also offer a small prize for the winner.


The game helps players become aware of the various dimensions of diversity. For this reason, joint reflection afterwards is recommended. We invite you to discuss the following questions with the other players:

Which diversity dimensions did you recognise in the game?

Which questions were easy to answer and which were more difficult? And why?

Which personal topics are you happy to talk about, and which are you not?

Have you ever heard of unconscious biases?