What is the project? Which goals does the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. pursue by initiating this project? And who can participate?


Starting point

In times where diversity is being challenged, we find ourselves having an even greater responsibility to communicate our values to the outside world. As the Charta der Vielfalt e. V. - the German Diversity Charter, we sent a clear message about the need for diversity in business and society with the Diversity Business Forum in March 2021. The leading German business community has jointly positioned itself for diversity and an open business location in Germany and has opposed populist positions that are critical of diversity.


We are now building on this clear positioning and taking the message further into society to jointly show #FlagForDiversity. The first step is the pilot project "Raising Antiracist Awareness", which is specifically designed together with the German Diversity Charter's member companies and their employees. This is being done against the background of the social debates on racism and discrimination and in awareness of the social responsibility of business enterprises. Diversity employee networks in Germany have been selected for the project, and a select number of their members will take part in digital training formats from spring 2022, their diversity skills will be stregthened and their field of activity and employee networking will be expanded.

List of participating organsiations

In addition, we want to include affected people's perspectives and empower them to drive the topic forward. The project creates a platform that encourages exchange and connects people.

The participants of the pilot phase have already been selected. The selection process has been completed.


With this new orientation, Charta der Vielfalt e. V. is taking another important step towards society in order to tie in with the public discourse and to be an initiative for all interested parties. The aim is to network within society and promote exchange under the umbrella of Charta der Vielfalt e. V. Existing diversity staff networks can serve as role models and provide inspiration. The results obtained from the pilot project will subsequently be verified and further insights gained for our work.

Strengthening competences for diversity in the workplace

The piloting of the project will initially take place exclusively within the framework of selected diversity employee networks, the selection of which has already taken place. The following focal points have been set for the project:

In the long run, all employee networks will benefit from the training content and the results of the pilot.