[Translate to English:] Eine Frau fotografiert ein Plakat mit der Aufschrift "Deutschland ist vielfältig".

Public Sector

The public sector has recognised diversity management as a contemporary answer to a changing society and is increasingly opening itself up for diversity. 15% of the organisations that have signed the Charta der Vielfalt are administrative offices and institutions at the federal, state, county and community levels – and rising.

The reasons for signing and the commitment to diversity are obvious: administrative bodies play a decisive role in shaping the growing societal diversity. As Germany’s largest employer, they serve as a role model and are opening up to their citizens more strongly than ever. This dialogue succeeds best where the diversity of the society is reflected in the administration.

The appreciation of diversity is not only contemporary, it also brings the public sector clear benefits: a diversely composed workforce can go into the needs and concerns of different citizens more effectively. In this way, they succeed better in taking on social responsibility and living and enhancing important democratic values such as equal opportunity, gender equality and social cohesion. Last but not least, diversity management offers administrative bodies and authorities an opportunity to present themselves as an attractive employer – an increasingly important point when recruiting personnel.