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Opportunities and benefits

Social and economic trends are changing our work environment. Demographic development, globalisation, shifts in values, a shrinking labour force, a growing share of working women, more people with a migration background – these are the conditions in which companies and organisations are operating today. Their success depends on how they contend in globalised economic flows and in competing for qualified personnel. Diversity management helps react to these trends. What is more: it sets out routes to make use of them.

Since diversity management fosters open-mindedness (to the world) and the appreciation of diverse employees, it supports organisations in presenting themselves as an attractive employer to specialised staff and talents. Diversity management also works internally: it increases managers’ and employees’ satisfaction, loyalty and thus ultimately also effectiveness.

Diversity management not only helps in adapting to social and economic trends. By taking manifold perspectives into account, diversity management creates an important precondition: it conveys the competence to work together successfully in diverse working groups with varying talents. In this way, successful diversity management demonstrably leads to better results in problem solving, research and development.