The Charta der Vielfalt (diversity charter) is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is the initiative’s patron. The Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Aydan Özoğuz, supports the initiative.

The initiative aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into Germany’s business culture. Organisations are to create a working environment free of prejudice. All employees should be valued – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Das Bild zeigt das Cover der Studie Diversity in Germany.

The Charta der Vielfalt was initiated in December 2006 by four multinationals. Since then, more than 2,600 companies and public sector institutions have signed the charter and new signatories are being added on a continual basis.

10 years of the Diversity Charter is a good time to take stock, with regard to the question: What role does diversity play in your company? 2016 we published our study "Diversity in Germany" with answers from 349 of our signatories and 250 randomly selected companies that have not yet signed up the Diversity Charter. The study allows basic conclusions to be drawn about the way companies and organisations approach diversity management.

Since 2010, the sponsor of the initiative has been the non-profit association Charta der Vielfalt e.V. Here you will find more information about the association.

The Charta der Vielfalt shapes the substantive discourse around diversity management in Germany with various projects:

  • The Charta der Vielfalt e.V. is the initiator of the national Germany’s First Diversity Day, which has take place this year for the forth time on 30 May 2017. On this day of action, companies and institutions publicised their commitment to diversity. More than 1,300 actions were carried out by more than 430 organisations. Save the date for Germany's Sixth Diversity Day on 5 June 2018!
  • Once a year, the DIVERSITY Conference offers an exchange and networking among specialists, practitioners and interested parties. The next conference will take place on 16-17 November 2017.
  • The association informs about various diversity-related topics in the form of thematic dossiers. The first dossier was published in June 2012 with the title Jung - Alt - Bunt. Diversity und der demografische Wandel. It deals with the way the demographic change influences the society. The second dossier Weltoffen = Zukunftsfähig?! Diversity Management und Internationalität. The question asked is wether open-minded thinking is equal to Sustainable?! Therefore the dossier is about Diversity Management and Internationality and was released in September 2013. In 2014, the third dossier Vielfalt erkennen - Strategien für einen sensiblen Umgang mit unbewussten Vorurteilen has been published. This dossier shows different ways of recognising diversity and strategies for dealing sensitively with unconscious bias.
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