Signatory since 03/2019

„Our company is locally based in Jena and mentally at home in the world. Those who work for us are not judged on the basis of gender, age or ethnic origin. What we base our affiliation on is expertise and whether they enjoy new technologies and trends in the mobile world. That's how simple our select“

Practically good!

For us, language is a first and decisive point for dismantling barriers. In our company it is not necessary to speak German. We do not take it for granted, instead we have established English as an office language.


Our Team creates the first TDSoftware International CookBook. Interested in our Book? Please contact me. More Information:

Signatory details

Signatory since:03/2019
Organization size:klein: 1-50 Beschäftigte
Segment/activity field:Unternehmen: Forschung und Entwicklung

Contact person

Julia Schädlich
People and Culture Manager
Schlossgasse / 20
07743 Jena

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