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„At Spryker, we aim to model diversity and inclusion for the entire digital commerce industry, and to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment with equitable treatment for all.“

Spryker Systems GmbH

Praktisch gut!

We are proud of our diverse backgrounds at Spryker - representing 40 different nationalities - and counting. By fostering an environment where every Sprykee can be their authentic self, we are discovering the opportunities that lie in our differences. In 2022, we launched our Spryker Affinity Groups and our Diversity Council to ensure that every Sprykee has a voice. Our primary mission is to start the conversation about D,E&I with compassionate curiosity, in an inclusive and respectful way.

Diversity is one of our biggest competitive strenghts

One of the most significant benefits of working with Spryker? Sprykees themselves! - We're a global group of professionals united by the vision of enabling sophisticated transactional business models beyond retail, #eCommerce & desktop. The cultural #diversity at Spryker enables us, like no other in the market, to provide our customers with a unique setup and expertise beyond the technological one: - Sprykees are spread across all continents, working and living in over 60 countries! - We're taking part in our regional environments and trends. - Our Sprykees bring diversity of thought, diversity of ideas, cultures, and backgrounds, mirroring the digital world our customers are trying to conquer in their journey to expand their business horizons. - One of our superpowers is our diversity, and being there to provide solutions for our customer's vision of the digital world is one thing we all have in common.


Unterzeichner_in seit:09/2022
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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Ambassador Lily Kriegs
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